SOFTLINE Window. Classical solutions, modern form and intrinsic beauty of wood – these are prime features of Softline product range. Thanks to their rounded edges and gentle shapes we gave our windows aesthetic design maintaining very good window performance.

For both window frame and casement, the heat transfer coefficient is U = 1.3 -:- 1.4 W/m2K, depending on the wood species, which means excellent heat insulating properties. This is conditioned by: timber structure (porous and fibrous), profile shape and thickness (68 mm), structural groove system and the shaped section of seal placed between casement frame. This provides an excellent protection against rain, wind, impurities and noise – maintaining optimum ventilation of enclosed spaces.

In the manufacture we use such timber species as pine, oak meranti, larch, bintangor, mahogany (sapele, acajou) and others, subject to the customer desire. Window profiles are made of 3- or 4-layer laminated cant. Now, this is the best way to eliminate timber tendency to warp due to variable ambient humidity. The planks are bonded and so laid that internal stress in the layers is mutually compensated and the profile remains unwarped. Before bonding they are subjected to desiccation (following the optimum procedure for each species) and antifungal, especially antimould, preservation to increase the final product longevity.

There is also the possibility of providing the windows with additional decorative elements, such as divisions, arches, stained glass, carved components, as well as handles in various shapes and colours.

Softline windows are available in three versions:

•    Perfect – on the casement outside edge there is an extra aluminium shield to protect this part of window against solar radiation and rain.

•    Elegant – casement has rounded edges; it is the basic version in this system.

•    Prestige – casement outside surface and pane moulding have a decorative relief which gives the window a more elegant and refined look.

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