STRONGLINE Window. An innovatory range of windows which combine intrinsic assets of wood and its usability resulting from the application of modern solutions. The depth of both frame and casement is 92 mm which makes Strongline the most stable and robust profile on the market. The heat transfer coefficient is, for both the frame and casement, U = 1.0-:-1.2 W/m2K which means impressive thermal protection. For your home interior, the porous structure of wood and the structural groove system in the profile structure provide an excellent protection against rain, wind, impurities and noise, also maintaining optimum ventilation of enclosed spaces. The sturdy appearance of Strongline window is compensated by its rounded edges and reliefs which makes the window look very stylish and refined.

There is also the possibility of providing the windows with extra features to increase their thermal insulating and soundproofing performance as well as enhance their appearance.

Strongline windows are available in the following two versions:


•    Master – on the casement outside edge there is an extra aluminium guard to protect this part of window against solar radiation and rain.

•    Retro – the casement outside surface and pane moulding have a decorative relief which gives the window a more stylish and refined look.


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