Bertrand is Awarded The Title “GAZELA BIZNESU” (the Gazelle of Business)

How much in common do a medium enterprise and a gazelle have? As much as business has in common with the struggle for domination or, say, survival amongst ruthless and often much stronger rivals. As far as the latter is concerned, anyone who has had something to do with business will notice the similarity. Let us go back to gazelles, though. From the zoological point of view they are medium-size antelopes. Their sixteen species inhabit steppes of Asia and savannas of Africa. Their size being far from big, they are fast and extremely alert in order to escape from a predator, if need be.

From the point of view of “Puls Biznesu”, granting these well-known in the world of Polish business awards, a gazelle is a medium-size enterprise. It is an enterprise which, thanks to its dynamic development, copes perfectly well among much bigger rival enterprises and, if faced with danger from their side, it just runs ahead.

Thus, Gazela Biznesu 2008 is a firm which:
- started its business activity before 2005 and has been conducting the activity uninterruptedly to date;
- in the years 2005-07 did not incur losses;
- its sales value in the year 2005 was not less than 3mln zlotys and not more that 200mln zlotys;
- in the years 2005-07 there was a year-on-year increase in sales.
- since 2005, at least, has been publishing its financial balance in “Monitor Polski B” or makes the information on the financial balance available to Coface Poland or “Puls Biznesu”.

Date: 07th May, 2009
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