New system of Mullion-transom wall.

We would like to present a new system of Mullion-transom wall.

The system is designed for the construction and execution of flat, light-weight curtain walls of the suspended or filling type, roofs, skylights and other structures.  The system is a modification of a very popular MB-SR50 façade  system, meeting the demands of current trends in architecture.

The shape of mullions and transoms allows for erecting aesthetic façades with visible narrow division lines, ensuring at the same time durability and strength of the structure. Rounded profiles of the radius of 2.5 mm, characteristic of the MB-SR50 system,  have been replaced  in theMB-SR50N  system by "sharp edge". This change essentially influences the  aesthetic  aspect of the  structure.  The applied shape of profiles  enables selection of mullion and transom profiles which flush with  each other on the inside surface of the façade.  When the structure is  glazed,  visually it forms a truss. It facilitates at the same time aesthetic and very accurate connection with other elements of the development - with internal walls and suspended ceilings.

Date: 02nd December, 2010
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