Aluminium Doors with Flush Fit Panels

Door construction is based on the thermally enhanced system MB-86 from Aluprof. Thanks to their special construction the sash profiles allow the use of a flush fit panel that covers the entire surface of the sash from the exterior.  The use of specialized bonding techniques results in a sash with greater rigidity and strength permitting unusually large dimensions:

- Width up to 1400mm,

- Height up to 2590mm.

The combination of an MB-86 door with Rodenberg panel is an extremely advanced technical solution in every respect. The door boasts outstanding thermal and acoustic properties achieved by the use of innovative AERO inserts within the aluminium profiles. The use of an additional seal at the threshold provides superior water tightness and air pressure resistance. A wide variety of Rodenberg panel designs results in a product to satisfy a wide range of taste that can blend seamlessly with both modern and classical architecture.

Technical information:

  • Frame/sash depth: 77mm
  • Panel thickness: 22 – 67 mm
  • Maximum sash dimensions: Width to 1400 mm, Height to 2590 mm
  • Air Permeability: class 3, EN 12207:2001
  • Watertightness: class 6A (250 Pa), EN 12208:2001
  • Resistance to windload: Class C5/B5 EN 12210:2001
  • Thermal insulation window (Ud): from 0,7 W/m2K (with 67 mm panel)

Date: 28th May, 2013
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