Integrated Roller Shutters




RAE 170

In RAE system, extrusions can open both from the bottom or inwards. In the case of extrusion with the bottom inspection flap, the shutter may be plastered form both the inside and outside. The system ensures exceptionally effective heat insulation and wind protection due to special sealing belt in the guides. Easy operation is effected by drive systems (belt, crank or motor) which – in most cases – can be installed as a complement at any time.

A wide variety of colours allows to suit individual customer preference. The colour scheme is chosen out of the body colour pallet or woodgrain finish pallet.




top duo

Extrusions TOP DUO, like TOP MINI, are built-on elements for the installation on various windows and are mainly applied in new houses. They are suitable for different window heights and wall thicknesses.

In TOP DUO system, you may receive insect-proof extrusions on request.







Extrusions TOP MINI are suitable for all construction considerations in new buildings and during modernization. The provide certainly optimum thermal and effective sound insulation. They are simple to be arranged, installed and maintained. They are also appealing due to their simple concept of colours and patterns.

In TOP DUO system, you may receive insect-proof extrusions on request. The insect screen is delivered as built-in already. Subsequent installation of a cassette is not necessary then.



top psi

TOP PSI is an outstanding proposal for its quality. It is designed to be plastered on both sides. High quality lintel extrusion is made of polystyrene and is available in three sizes. It has an inspection opening on the internal side. TOP PSI system is available with the roller shutter shell and external or façade shutter. In TOP PSI system, you may receive insect-proof extrusions on request.




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