Hoisted sliding doors (HST) are the essence of functionality and elegance. Large glass areas give a special character to interiors. Sliding doors give a great deal of leeway in the room arrangement. Unlike regular swing doors, their panel slides parallel in the rail and does not take up any valuable space. Sliding doors have another advantage over regular French windows, namely they do not slam shut due to the wind or draft. Such doors are chosen not only to provide the passage to the terrace or conservatory. Open doors enable an excellent connection of the room or lounge with an external space. A low doorstep (convenient and safe) is an advantage of sliding doors, too.


BERTRAND company offers hoisted sliding doors in all technologies (PVC, timber, aluminium, Timber/Alu-clad). The colour scheme is, like in bi-fold systems, selected to suit the user’s individual taste.


Timber/Alu-clad profiles combine the best things in timber with the most valuable things
in aluminium. Beautiful natural timber on the indoor surface gives the doors warm and friendly character. Added to this, timber gives the door high heat insulating characteristic and provides a good protection against the autumn/winter chill. On the other hand, aluminium is an exceptionally durable and weatherproof material. It is perfectly suitable for outdoor applications and protects the profile timber component effectively. The care of it is confined to washing with general-purpose house cleaning products which results in considerable savings compared to regular timber doors.


Aluminium hoisted-sliding doors are made of thermally insulated profiles. Their colour scheme is absolutely up to the customer’s individual taste. The profiles can be painted in any colour out of RAL pallet or they may have woodgrain finish.


Hoisted sliding doors in PVC technology, like aluminium systems, can imitate the wood structure and they can also be coated with a body colour on the outdoor side using the so called acrylcolor technology which provides an unusually sustainable colour layer.


Timber tilt-and-slide patio doors are coated with four layers of top quality varnish. The profiles are normally coated with clear-coloured or translucent varnish emphasizing natural surface quality of wood and the layout of tree rings. To make a more modern impression we can paint the construction in any body colour out of RAL pallet.



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