Window/door system MB 86 is a product of very good characteristics which enables meeting various needs of the prospective users. The shapes of its sections are made in 3 variations corresponding to thermal energy efficiency, namely ST, SI and AERO. MB-86 is the only window/door system worldwide where aerogel – a material of excellent thermal insulation characteristic – is applied. Another advantage of MB-86 system is the high strength of profiles enabling fabrication of large-sized and heavy constructions. The following features influence the functionality and aesthetics of constructions in MB-86 system:

  • wide thermal spacers with new shape enable the application of extra partition in the profile insulation zone
  • two-component central seal provides an excellent sealing and thermal insulation of the space between the casement/swing and frame
  • wide range of sections guarantees achievement of the required construction aesthetics and strength
  • glaze mouldings with extra sealing available in three variations: Standard, Prestige and Style
  • profile shapes adjusted for the installation of various hob fittings, including hidden hinges
  • wide range of glazing allows for the application any pane types, including double-chamber, acoustic or burglar-proof ones
  • profile drainage is available in two variations: conventional and hidden

Windows in MB 86 system are also available in the following versions:

  • MB 86 ST – window/door system with thermal insulation.
  • MB 86 SI – window/door system with thermal insulation and extra thermal spacer
  • MB 86 AERO – window/door system with thermal insulation and aerogel.
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