MB-78 EI system is intended for internal and external fire divisions with single- and double-swing doors of the following fire integrity classes: EI 15, EI 30, EI 45, EI 60 or EI 90, in accordance with standard PN-EN 13501-2:2010. Numerous tests and calculations also proved that that system products have very good thermal insulating (from Uf = 1.60 W/m2K) and acoustic (up to 40 dB) characteristics.

MB-78EI system construction is based on thermally insulated aluminium profiles, made by Aluprof company, whose depth is 78 mm. They are characterised by the low value of heat-transfer coefficient due to the application, in their structure, of specially profiled thermal spacers of 34 mm in width. High temperature resistance of this construction results from special fire resistant components, such as GKF or CI, placed in the profile internal chamber and in the isolating spaces between the profiles and also from steel accessories and connecting elements.

Filling thickness in MB-78EI system ranges from 6¸49 mm. All typical fireproof panes as well as non-transparent sandwich panels consisting of metal sheet and appropriate panels ensuring the required fire protection may constitute the fillings. Within this system, smokeproof structures are possible, too.

This system offers the possibilities of angular connections of walls, profile bending and construction of arch structures, application of diagonal lacings as well as decorative glazing bars glued on glass. These possibilities are the features influencing the shape and aesthetics of the enclosure.


  • MB 78EI – fireproof divisions with doors in classes from EI15 to EI90
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