MB-45 is a modern system of aluminium windows, manufactured using ALUPROF profiles, applied where thermal insulation of such elements of architectural internal and external enclosures as various partitions, windows, doors (including manually and power operated), swing doors, porches, display windows, check-out boxes, showcases and spatial structures is in not required.

Structural depth of window profiles is: 45 mm (for the frame), 54 mm (for the casement), and for doors 45 mm and 45 mm respectively. Such profile depths assumed for casement and frame profiles give a single-plane impression on the outdoor side after closing the window and the impression of flush surfaces – in the case of doors. The profile shape allows for the slender and robust construction of windows and doors.

A significant advantage of Bertrand MB-45 system is the possibility of bending the profiles, e.g. for frames, casements and lacings which enables making variety of arches and arch structures.

Tightness is ensured by special EPDM seals made of synthetic rubber which guarantees ageing-resistance over the long-year usage.

The system allows for the application of glazing units of 2¸35 mm in thickness to window casements, and 2¸26 mm to fixed windows and door casements.

MB 45 system windows are also available in the following versions:


MB 45D MB 45S

  • MB 45D system for smokeproof partitions and doors
  • MB 45S system is used for doors provided with groove fittings and for partitions fitted with doors. It is a part of window/door system.
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