We recommend modern Timber/Alu-clad Alutrend windows for those customers who appreciate natural wood and also want the maximum window longevity at the minimum maintenance cost. Their construction involves beautiful wood inside and durable as well as easy to maintain aluminium. The total window frame depth is as much as 90 mm. An air space between the timber and aluminium frames provides extra insulation. That is why the windows have a better heat-transfer coefficient (1.1¸1.2 W/m2K) as well as better soundproofness compared to regular timber windows.

Alutrend system offers extensive colouristic and aesthetic possibilities. The window indoor side may be made of pine, meranti or oak wood and coated with translucent varnish (with visible wood structure) or with a body colour chosen from RAL pallet. Alu-clads (on the outdoor side) may be coated using a special technique to imitate any wood species or coated with a body colour chosen from RAL pallet.

Alutrend Integral is a system with the so called hidden casement. From outside, fixed windows and opening windows look the same. We recommend these windows for the installation in façade systems.

Alutrend 68 Integral system is also available in the widened version with the casement of 78 mm in depth (Alutrend XL 78 Integral), in the version with angular finish of the casement indoor moulding (Alutrend Qube 68 Integral) as well as in the combined version (Alutrend XL Qube 78 Integral).

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