PVC, i.e. polyvinyl chloride, is a modern versatile material particularly suitable for windows. Window PVC-profile systems have been constantly perfected for years and now they are characterised by very high quality so they successfully compete with windows made of other materials.

Timber is – as a proven, elegant and natural material – has been successfully used in window technology for many years. We offer windows made of various timber species such as pine, oak, sapele, mahogany, meranti, Siberian larch and others – namely: whatever the customer may wish.

We suggest that those who appreciate natural wood and desire to ensure the maximum window longevity at the minimum maintenance cost choose Timber/Alu-clad windows. This is a perfect solution – beautiful natural timber on the indoor side and durable as well as easy to care of aluminium on the outdoor side. They look elegant and are characterised by modern design. They are available in a wide variety of colours with the possibility of woodgrain clad on the aluminium base.

Aluminium systems allow for the construction of various windows and doors depending on their intended usage and specific requirements in respect of their functionality, aesthetics, thermal insulation, burglarproofness, smokeproofness and fire integrity. They include constructions without thermal insulation for indoor divisions or balcony enclosures as well as solutions based on thermally insulated profiles.

Passive housing is another milestone towards energy efficiency. A passive house is understood as such that ensures high ‘dwelling quality’ at the maximum reduction in energy consumption by the heating and air-conditioning facilities. Passive house utilises the available heat of sun radiation which comes indoors through the windows. On the other hand, however, it prevents excessive amount of heat emitted by solids located indoors from going out.

Bi-folding doors are an excellent means to gain the large space and wide passage effect. The may be even more than 10 m wide. Bi-folding doors can be made of aluminium, PVC or timber.

Tilt-slide PVC doors are made of the same profiles as French windows TREND PLUS, TREND XL or COMFORT. These doors are an interesting   alternative to conventional turn French windows which take up much space indoors when open.

Timber/Alu-clad slide doors Alutrend are the essence of functionality and elegance. Large pane surfaces give an enclosed space special character. Slide doors ensure great deal of leeway in the room arrangement. Unlike in typical turn doors, the slide door casement slides in the coplanar rail thus does not take up any valuable space.


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