Our extensive selection of profiles allow architects and design engineers to realize the most daring ideas in the scope of Alu-glass structures.

The system is designed for the construction and installation of light curtain walls – flat hang-fill walls as well as roofs, skylights and other constructions. The shape of posts and beams allows to arrange nice-looking façades with visible narrow division-lines and ensures the structure longevity and strength. Additionally, the outer corners of profiles are rounded which give the so called soft-line effect. An aesthetic variation of MB-SR50 façade is the so called horizontal and vertical line where horizontal or vertical divisions are emphasized.

Application of continuous thermal spacer made of HPVC insulant and profiled pane seal made of EPDM result in the suitable thermal insulation performance and reduce the vapour condensation on the aluminium elements to the minimum.

Façades in MB SR 50N system are available in the following versions:


SR 50 EFEKT - semi-structural façade
SR 50 A - post-and-beam wall, Timber/Alu-clad

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