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There are hundreds of possibilities of customizing your garage door.
Each garage door model is available in 10 standard colours.

Metallic grey, close to DB 703 Signalling grey, close to RAL 7004 Signalling grey, close to RAL 7004 Signalling grey, close to RAL 7004 Signalling grey, close to RAL 7004
Grey aluminium, close to RAL 9007 White communication, close to RAL 9016 Golden oak 060 Dark oak 070 Mahogany 080


An outside handle

An outside handle has an emergency disengaging device. The device is linked to the outside handle. In an emergency, you can open the lock with key and lift the handle. You can open the garage door manually, then.

Dostępne kolory: czarny, srebrny, stal szlachetna, złoty.


Emergency disengaging

In automatic garage doors, an outside handle is not necessary, as the door is operated with remote control.

Emergency disengaging (e.g. in case of power failure) is possible from the inside. Where the garage is provided with another entry, e.g. by side doors, it is necessary to fit the garage door with the emergency disengaging device operable from the outside.


Upon your request, your new garage door G60 may be provided with practicable and attractive glazing.

Motives M1, M2, M3 i M4.

door-coloured window frame, golden oak or any colour out of RAL pallet, translucent or structural pane

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